"Relax. It's just a state of mind. "

C. Hill

Nice to meet you! My name is Christopher Hill, a stress-less koala dude. I’ll explain myself later! How are you feeling today, kind of chill? I know I am:)! Check out my Facebook page to see where I am hanging out today. Just click on the link below. Hang in there guys, and make the best of every day. CU soon!

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The clock is always ticking


Fast approaching deadlines and endless to do lists. Available and online 24/7. So much work to do, in so little time. Oh my, I feel stressed, there’s a bomb ticking in my brains!!

Stress is not always a bad thing

Fight, flight or freeze

Stress releases hormones which can give you a boost of energy and adrenalin. That’s great, your body is defending you in a scary situation! Though, this state of mind can’t last for too long. In time, it can break your mind, turn into lots of physical complaints and, at last, into a burnout. Well, we don’t want thát, don’t we? We just want to be in balance, living our lives. And be happy. As much as possible. So we will!

About Chrisopher Hill, your personal nostresscoach

Relax. It’s just a state of mind

“We all need the Stress We all need the Adrenaline We all need the Action What we don’t need is the “It’s too much” We all need to Use The Light Side We all need to Eliminate The Dark Side We all need to Stay in Balance We Can You Can”

C. Hill I am so excited to finally meet you! Why? Well, I will pronounce myself in just a few phrases. I don’t want to bore you, you know. My name is Christopher Hill, and I’m a chill-dude. Actually, I’m thé chill-dude of this whole entire planet, maybe even of the whole universe! At some very rare times I get excited, and that’s okay, but most of the time I am feeling really comfortable and extremely relaxed. Everyone should be like me. Everyone should live their lives with a minimum amount of negative stress, and with as much positivity as possible. I hear you, you are cracking your brains out, aren’t you? You are thinking: no way, there’s no life without stress, no way that I can build a future without many effecting disorders which will, in the end, get me and leave me in sorrow. Guess what, you’re so wrong about that! I can, and I will teach you how. Just click on the link below if you feel like it. Or perhaps you are not that adventurous and want to read some more. Just do whatever you feel like. No stress, man! Become a chill-man!

How do you feel?

Nostresscoach is thé exclusive app for measurement of loadability and work stress. NoStressCoach is scientifically approved.That means it really works, guys! You want to get the best out of yourself, don’t you? Well, Nostresscoach can arrange that for you, just by holding your smartphone, your daily job already;). The smartphone (iOS and Android) makes the desired measurements. The results provide insight into well-being, health and happiness, at work and in private.


Rolling, rolling, rolling… You can do it!

With the Nostresscoach app you can easily do the measurements you want. The results give you valuable insights that help you in terms of your well-being, health and happiness, both in work and in private. With knowledge, challenges and quotes, participation is encouraged and rewarded. Your personal coach (you can choose C. Hill, or a ‘real’ person;)) can help you with insights and solutions. Nostresscoach feels familiar. Nostresscoach has proven to be effective: various customer panels evaluate the approach with a high rating. The app is fully safe and reliable and the privacy protection is guaranteed by lawyers.

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What Our Clients Say

Well, we can say all kinds of stuff. Opinions that really count, are the ones of the people who actually tried Nostresscoach. So, here they are!

“Nostresscoach is a great tool in the prevention of stress. We are very pleased we can finally measure workstress”

Jacob van Lier
mgr busdev vgz

“A great tool, I will provide to all my customers!”

Wim Costerus
 Arbodienst CC&MC

Yeah, I am ready to be a chill-dude!

Latest News

Before this year is over, NoStressCoach will be available in Android too! O yeah, so everyone can join us now, regardless of which phone you are using currently. Happy days, people, happy days:)!

Oh my! 1/5 of all young women feel exhausted due to workstress..


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February 14, 2018 0

Shorttrack Suzanne in pyeongchang!

Just chill, Suzanne! You can use our NoStressCoach app to relax a bit more. That medal will be yours, no doubt about that. Go for it, girl!!🏅 ‘Stuiterbal’ Schulting ziet[…]

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February 9, 2018 0

Stress test for participants Volvo Ocean Race

The crew of the participants of this great sailing race are nine months exposed to extreme weather situations, just a few hours sleep a day and severe physically actions. These[…]

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February 5, 2018 0

Our Awesome Team

Ha, here we are! This is our fabulous team. Nice to meet you as well!

Roelf Kampinga

Founder Nostresscoach

  Constantly stress effects your health and causes physical injuries. Because I learned a lot about stress, I know what to do when I experience these complaints. That is different for everyone. That’s what I like so much about the NoStressCoach-app: it’s personalized and I can do the measures everywhere and on any occasion with my own smartphone. The app makes me feel happy and in control. I think we should grant each person that much responsibility!

Hannie van Doorn-Stuurman

Sales Nostresscoach

Stress, we all know that feeling. Nostresscoach is a preventive app to meausure your stress level. Nostresscoach can prevent a lot of problems. We all want to live life to the max, being healthy and happy. I surely do! The app is easy and very friendly to use, and leaves you feeling responsable of your own happiness. Who doesn’t want that:)!

Christopher Hill

Everything you need!

Chill, dude:)

15% of all young adults

stays at home due to a burnout. We need to do something about that. Really.

Female managers feel more stress

than their male collaegues. We need to do something about that. Really.


 is one of the most stressful occupations. We need to do something about that. Really.

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