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Oh my! 1/5 of all young women feel exhausted due to workstress..

februari 14, 2018 0

Shorttrack Suzanne in pyeongchang!

Just chill, Suzanne! You can use our NoStressCoach app to relax a bit more. That medal will be yours, no doubt about that. Go for it, girl!!🏅 ‘Stuiterbal’ Schulting ziet kans op medaille als ze rustig blijft op het ijs…/stuiterbal-schulting-ziet-kans-medaille-als-…

februari 9, 2018 0

Stress test for participants Volvo Ocean Race

The crew of the participants of this great sailing race are nine months exposed to extreme weather situations, just a few hours sleep a day and severe physically actions. These conditions are a heavily assault on their health and will increase their stress level. So, all credits to the Erasmus to keep record of these…
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februari 5, 2018 0

Just read!

Did you know that reading can lower your stress level by 68%? Only 6 minutes is already useful. That’s great news, let’s hit the road to the bookstore right away:)!

januari 11, 2018 0

Love your job <3!

Try to do that kind of work you are really passionate about. you will see, it will make things so much easier, and will lower your stress level considerably! Love your job <3! #weekofworkstress

november 14, 2017 0

Let’s kick some stress this week!

This week it’s the Week of Work Stress. We all feel stress, some less, some more, during worktime. Sometimes it’s related to high pressure, sometimes there is an emotional problem involved, sometimes your colleagues are due to the problem. Most of the time work stress is the sum total of several issues. Sometimes you really…
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november 13, 2017 0

How about adding some happiness:)?

Watch this short movie, guys, it’s such a great way of thinking!

oktober 23, 2017 0

To all you busy people out there! Take a very short break to relax… How about one minute:D?

oktober 16, 2017 0

World Mental Health day: october 10

Today is World Mental Health Day. How is the mental evironment in your workplace? A great day to dwell on this important issue, people! Did you know the amount of stress is related to this subject? Well, you do now:)! Read more about this on the WHO site: Have a nice mental day without stress!…
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oktober 10, 2017 0

Buy some oranges and lower your stresslevel:)!

Just see what a simple orange can do for your stresslevel. Isn’t it fantastic? Well, I will definitely buy some today, so I can smell them anytime I feel like! <3 Nature! Yours sincerely, C.Hill

oktober 9, 2017 0
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